Welcome to CurvyGirls, kpa7!

Curvy Girls Forum allows girls impacted by scoliosis from all around the world to share their common experiences, give and get advise, while feeling connected.
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Welcome to CurvyGirls, kpa7!

Post by Izobel000 »

Please join me in welcoming our newest CurvyGirls forum member, kpa7 to the forum!

We're got your back! A little about me -

I'm Izobel, I'm 13 years old, and I'm wearing my second Boston Brace with 2 curves. I enjoy reading, writing, painting, learning, drawing, chatting, and so many other things!

Looking forward to getting to know you!
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Re: Welcome to CurvyGirls, kpa7!

Post by Abby18 »

Welcome!! We're so happy to have you apart of curvy girls!
I'm excited to get to meet you!

I'm Abby, I've had my Boston brace for a little over 2 and a half months. Without my brace on I have about a 45 degree C curve as of February. I'm 11 and I love painting, baking, drawing, being outside, crafts, trying new things, being creative, talking to and helping others. And I LOVE dogs!

So, let us know if you ever need anything, we're here for you and like Izobel said, we've got your back! 😉
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Re: Welcome to CurvyGirls, kpa7!

Post by Zeeta the dog »


I'm Zeeta, and I LOVE dogs. And art and writing and anything creative :)
👋 Zeeta ❤️😘
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