What do you wear with your brace?

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What do you wear with your brace?

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Do you wear your brace to bed if so what clothes do you wear underneath or over top.I usually wear a tank top underneath and nothing over top.If you have a day brace what do you wear with that?
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Re: What do you wear with your brace?

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I have a night brace and usually wear a seamless t-shirt or normal tank top underneath the brace and nothing over top.
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Re: What do you wear with your brace?

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To bed I usually wear a sugarlips (brand) tank top because they're really comfortable and don't wrinkle underneath the back brace, and nothing on top. During the day I wear loose blouses and kind of ruffly shin-length skirts, with a cardigan or hoodie on top of that all if it's cold. I've learned to adapt to the back brace and find a new style that's still fashionable.
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Re: What do you wear with your brace?

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I have a Boston brace and I wear it 18hrs a day. I usually wear a seamless t-shirt under and shorts at night, nothing over my brace. During the day, I wear a seamless t-shirt under, leggings and sweatshirt over my brace. Sometimes I can find stretchy jeans that work too!
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